Wednesday, January 9, 2013

History Update

Originally published on Tuesday, June 26, 2012.

In my post called School = Stress, I told you about my unparalleled slacking skills, especially in history class. I also said that I would keep you posted on my progress with the summative assignments. Well, here it is. The update I promised you. I have somehow, in the last week, managed to pull off, as I said in School = Stress, nothing short of a miracle. 

The very nice Resource teacher made it her mission help me pass history. About five and a half weeks before the end of school, we made a plan to complete one project every three days. I thought this was a bit ambitious, but she seemed confident. As it turned out, I was right, and I only ended up completing 2 projects in that length of time. She suggested that I come in for a couple of days during exams to finish some up. I did. I came in on the first two days of exams, last Wednesday and Thursday and in that time I finished two more. I got another two done yesterday and today. That leaves a culminating project that I did not mention in School = Stress because our teacher hadn't given it to us yet. I'll be emailing my teacher this assignment either tonight or tomorrow morning. 

The basic premise of this project is it's supposed to be an essay of about 1000 words on the subject of whether or not Canada should be joined with the United States because of our 'cultural similarities'. At first I was like "Hey, I wouldn't mind being 'The United States of Canada'. That wouldn't be so bad!". But as some of my friends in class pointed out, Canada is culturally different enough for reasonable justification of being an individual nation, along with other things. 

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and that your summer is going well. I'll be blogging more in the next few days (going to a water park on Tuesday! I'll let you know how that goes). And as I've said a bunch of times already, actual tutorials will be coming to my YouTube channel just as soon as I can get my hands on some royalty-free music.

Love and Hugs!

I emailed my essay to my teacher! No more homework till September! Booyah!

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