Friday, January 4, 2013

Moving: Episode 1

Originally posted on Friday April 6th, 2012.

My family is moving to a town about a half hour from where we live now. We've already bought a house and now our primary goal is to sell the one we've got.

Staging your house is a time-consuming and generally unrealistic thing to do. You hide all your junk, clean all your bathrooms and make your bed. And when you're done, your house looks like an IKEA showroom.

No one's house looks like an IKEA showroom.

At least not in real life. No real family has the energy to keep their house looking that fake. 

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I have a lovely home to show you today. The owners want you to know that they didn't stage a thing in their house to show you that they are real people and they don't live in a home furnishing catalogue. Shall we go inside?"

Wouldn't it be great if you could do that and still sell your house for a decent price?

Our first showing of the day is about half over now; we still have one more today and another one tomorrow. I somehow managed to forget my iPod at the house so I will be going back over to get it in between showings.

But I digress. As it is Easter weekend, small children around the globe will be waking up on Sunday and Monday to search for chocolate eggs. Not me. On Sunday/Monday there is a massive Revlon (as well as some other brands, I believe) sale at a convention centre near me. My aunt and I are going to get some good deals on makeup. Don't worry, I'll post an entry about my adventures there. and a Shop n' Share will be up on my Youtube channel.

Are you moving, too? Leave a comment below outlining your experiences and advice! It's grealy appreciated.

Have a lively, beautiful day!!!

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