Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moving: Episode 2 - Mouse Montage

Originally published on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Personally, I find staging my house stressful enough without a mouse running a marathon around my living room, making my cat loose his mind.

Here's what happened:

At first, I saw the family cat, Dougal, crouched by the Aloe Vera plant next to the sectional. He was just huddled down, unmoving, making me question his sanity. At first I inferred that maybe he was waiting for an earth quake to hit.

But then I saw a small brown creature crawl out of the side of the couch. I panicked and, as most animal lovers would do, I did not hesitate to grab my wild feline companion and lock him in the spare bedroom. I went back to collect the frightened animal to release him into the wild, where he belongs. Upon realising that he was nowhere to be found, I decided that the best way to locate him was to unleash Dougal upon the living room, and once the little rodent was found, all I would have to do was catch him by his tail and take him out to the woods.

My parents had been out grocery shopping, and upon their arrival back home, I reported the news of the mouse. And how I let him get away. My mother was a little annoyed with me for letting the mouse escape. She was even more annoyed that I stood in the way of her precious Dougal's devouring of the little guy.

The mouse did not reappear until approximately ten minutes after my parents returned home. I was upstairs and got a visual of the mouse at the very top of the blinds in the living room. I called my mother. My father moved the couch away from the wall in an attempt to ease our hunting endeavours.

Catching the darn thing proved to be much more of a chore than I expected.

I made several attempts to get a hold of his tail, but that effort failed miserably. We even enlisted the help of my ferret, but she did us little good. The mouse crawled around the back of the couch a good deal, and at one point, Dougal managed to chase him into the wood dug out in the wall next to the fire place. There were still a dozen or so logs in there and he had nestled himself in between a few in the middle. We removed the necessary number of logs until he became visible. Dougal wasted no time trying to eat the mouse while my mother and I tried to get him into a water pitcher (the vase we usually used to catching mice had already been packed away with other fragile items for the move).

Of course, the mouse got away once again, but not before giving my mother a friendly chomp in the finger for good measure.

A little later, the mouse had hidden himself safely (so he thought) behind an oddly shaped log we keep in the corner near the wood pile. He found this hide-out without Dougal's help. Thankfully, my laser-sharp vision saw him make his escape to 'Fort Weird Wood'.

I summoned my mother and got a firm grasp on the water pitcher. I moved the log away from the wall and placed the pitcher on its side in between the wall and the log, trying to herd, coax and scare the mouse into the glass fortress.

He squeezed out through a little hole by the log and the pitcher. This upset me. All I wanted to do was help the poor mouse. I was determined to set my mouse friend free before we had to stage the house and commence heading over to grandmother's house next door. This did not happen. After one, maybe two more appearances, the mouse did not show up again.

We made our house into an IKEA catalogue yet again, and prayed the mouse would be paralysed with fear and would stay hidden for the duration of the showing.

I managed to create this whole post while sitting at my lovely grandmother's house.


On another note, two of the people who requested showings so far have showed late. So late, in fact, that the first ones had just arrived when we returned home from my grandmother's house. They had booked an hour and a half instead of the standard hour long look. My sister and I went trekking through the woods. The second ones arrived a half hour after the designated showing time had ended. 'Sorry we're 20 minutes late' they said. They were 1 1/2 hours late. Only my mother was home when this happened. It just annoys me that they book a time slot and then show up so late that we have to leave for even more time than expected or necessary. A call to let us know would be appreciated.

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