Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving: Episode 4

Originally published on Sunday, May 27, 2012.

Once again, sitting at my grandmother's while an open house goes on on our property.

I was typing this on my iPod, but apparently it didn't save what I'd written, so I am forced to start over. But every time I refresh it on my iPod, what I've written on the iPad enters the draft on my iPod. Dramatic sigh. 

I was sitting, typing on my iPod with my grandmother's iPad keyboard, when my mother remarked at my method of blogging. I responded with stating that I didn't know where the iPad was. It was right in front of me. Wow. I'm not even tired or low on caffeine.

My aunt just arrived. She brought two Lbs of butter, bread, lasagna, lemon loaf (as promised by my grandmother) and a mystery item in a gift bag.

My grandmother made 'Tomato Soup Cake' which is apparently the Bee's Knees. I have yet to try it.

So far, the family beagle has managed to steal the meat from the remainder of my grandmother's sandwich and a rather large wedge of Gouda cheese.

I would never recommend you get a beagle unless you are on a diet. They. Eat. EVERYTHING! They're shameless. They will steal off the table while you're watching. They don't listen, either. The only pro (the one that drew us in to get her) is they're pretty freaking cute. Some people I've met have/had a beagle and love(d) them, others when asked if they want ours, say no and walk away quickly. Evidently, not all beagles are like mine, but many are.

This is the third Open House we've had since we put the house up for sale. They have all taken place on a Sunday between the hours of 1:00om and 3:00pm.

I realise that this post is all over the map and has little to do with the daunting and exhausting task of relocating yourself with some degree of permanence.

My grandmother put on Galaxy Easy Listening and they just played 'Fix You' by Coldplay covered by some orchestra. I'm freaking out a little because that's fairly awesome.

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