Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Art Culminating Project

On the first day back from Christmas break my art teacher assigned our culminating assignment. If you don't know already or if you haven't read my School = Stress post, a culminating (or cultivating ad I like to call it) is a project that a teacher gives in place of a test or exam. 

Obviously it would be really difficult to have an exam in courses like art and fashion and stuff so you have a culminating project instead. 

For this project the goal was to turn a large chunk of Bristol-ish board into 20 squares depicting an original piece, each box showcasing a different style of art. 

Because I'm a huge Cumberbitch (and because of lack of time I wasn't interested in wasting days and days choosing a picture) I picked one of my favourite pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch:

He's so pretty, isn't he?

I'd wanted to do a painting of this picture anyway, so I went with it. 

Here's the progression (I took these pictures with my Kobo Arc, so please bare with me!): 

Yes, I realise the positioning of his mouth and nose is off, but it would take a lot more time and effort to fix it than I can afford right now. Otherwise, I'm proud of it. 

I went to give it to my art teacher today and I let her know that I wasn't happy with the mouth and nose. She said I could take it home and make it the way I want it and bring it back tomorrow. She said she didn't want to have to lower my mark because the rest of it was really good (not bragging, just stating the facts). 

Here are some higher quality pictures and close ups of each square with their art style:

(Left to right, top to bottom)








Surrealism is all about dreams. If you look closely at shiny parts of his eye, you'll see '221B', a jar of jam, the Tardis, and waves. In the tear drops there's a kitten, a burning heart, a happy face, a gun, and a riding crop. If you look at the spider you'll see the red bit is actually the initials 'JM'. 

Let me know in the comments what you think all these symbols mean, because they all represent something. I doubt very many people will get all of them, for some are quite cryptic. 


Hey, guys! What do you call a 15th century painter with no money?


Seriously, you don't have to laugh at my lame-ass jokes.

Abstract Expressionism:

Art Deco:



Cave Art:







Pop Art:

So that's it, all done. 

Some boxes are partially or completely done in coloured pencils because I was low on time. I hope you like it. I do. I feel I could have done  better, though. 

Here's the original and my version again so you can compare them easily:


My painting:

Stay tuned for a post on my Fashion culminating project.

Again, I hope you enjoyed! Leave me your thoughts and guesses toward the symbols below!

Have a stupendous day!

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