Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So... How'd this happen?

So I was supposed to have done my math exam yesterday but it was a snow day. Since today is a PA day, it's been moved to tomorrow, Thursday. Once I've written it, I'll officially be half way through grade 11. Half way through GRADE ELEVEN. 

At the beginning of the year it took me a remarkably long time to convince myself I'm actually in the 11th grade. Now it's 50% over. Now it's just a year and a half till I'm done high school. And moving out. And going to college. Holy. Mother. Of. Crap... Wow... WOW... 

It feels like I shouldn't be this far along in my high school career. I feel like I should still be in grade 9. It was, after all, just yesterday. 

Anyway, so this past semester I had art, fashion, psychology/sociology/anthropology (ASP), and math in that order. I really liked art and fashion (I liked art to much so that I'm not sure what I'm going to do without it this next semester), ASP was a cool class even though the only assignment I actually handed in was the culminating essay, and math, as I said in my 7 Things That Piss Me Off post, was obscenely loud and that made it far less enjoyable. 

This coming semester I have gym (not like "Okay, Girls! Volley ball time!" More like weight lifting and pilates and stuff), English, film and television drama, and biology. 

Every semester I have a class that I do badly in:

Grade 9:

1st term: Geography
2nd term: English

Grade 10:

1st term: English
2nd term: History

Grade 11:

1st term: ASP

Based on the past, what conclusions might we draw about this term? 

English. The one class I have to take every year. 

The reason why I didn't do well in any of these classes is because their largely project-based. I'm not good with projects. Things like essays and reports always get pushed aside. Why? Because, as I've stated in a previous post, I'm not just a procrastinator. I'm a slacker. 

Next year I know English will be troublesome again, and depending on when I have ancient history, that may be the other problem course. 

Anyway, I'll keep you updated. I've been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks with exams and final projects and stuff. New term = more time for blogging!

Have an excellent day!

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