Friday, January 4, 2013


Why, hello there! My name is Mckenzie. Welcome to my new blog. 

I thought I should give you a bit of a back story to this blog. 

Once upon a time (that time being April, 2012) I began a blog centred around my passion in life, makeup. I'd been adding posts that weren't makeup related at all and I decided recently that for the sake of my future career in makeup I should keep this blog solely for beauty and create another blog for less formal and more miscellaneous items. 

I'm slowly but surely going to add each non-beauty post to this blog in order with the original publishing date at the top. Only then will I begin making new posts. The original posts will stay on my beauty blog, but obviously I won't add the new ones from here to there.

The link to my beauty blog is above, in between "My Friends' Blogs" and "My Facebook Page".

I feel I should warn you that I tend to be very sarcastic when I write, so if you don't entirely agree with what I say, I may be kidding.

I hope you like this blog! Let me know your thought in the comments and any ideas for future posts. Have a marvellous day!

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