Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Microwave" is an Onomatopoeia

Dan (or danisnotonfire) thinks that the word 'microwave' is an onomatopoeia  He's obviously wrong, but I love him just the same. In fact, I love him more for it. Below is a gif someone made of him trying to demonstrate microwave as an onomatopoeia while Phil (AmazingPhil) listens intently:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, Dan. Thank you for being you (you, too Phil! <3). If you haven't heard of these guys by now, you're honestly missing out. 

Click here to watch the whole video. Click here to watch form the onomatopoeia part.

I hope you enjoyed. Have a spectacular day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top Comments For The Win

Can you believe what a huge loser I am? This is an actual highlight of my life... or at lease my weekend. It's currently 11:18 pm and I have nothing better to do than brag about how my nerdiness got me a top comment on this YouTube video

I'm honestly pretty proud of myself. Who knew my nerd-liciousness would actually help me achieve this kind of subtle recognition? I didn't. It is, however my first top comment ever and will probably be my last for a long, long time, if not ever. 

For the record, no, I didn't photoshop this. I don't possess the ability or the equipment necessary for that level of skillful picture editing. I'm not being paid by anyone, either.

Again, I can't believe I have the egocentrism required to even show you this, but to paraphrase Neil Armstrong, I feel it's "one small step for nerds, one huge leap for nerd-kind".

I hope you enjoyed yourself laughing at my loserificness and have a stupendous day.