Friday, March 1, 2013

Grade 12 Courses

So it's second semester and earlier this week my English class was called down to a classroom on the third floor. We were told about our options for classes for grade 12 and how it's superdy-duperdy important and how it shapes our futures and what not. 

For grade 12 we should have seven courses and one spare ideally, but we should apparently pick eight courses so that way we have a spot in the class and we can just drop stuff later instead of trying to get into it and possibly not being able to. 

I'm part of something called a Specialist High Skills Major (or SHSM [shiz-uhm or shiz-AHM if you're feeling fancy] for short) and they have these in a few different focus areas. My school offers Arts & Culture, Business, Sports, and Transportation. I know that my old school offers Health and Wellness as well and I think there's a couple others, too. This just means you get a special stamp on your diploma when you graduate (provided you completed the requirements) saying that you focused your studies in this area. 

Naturally I'm in the Arts & Culture SHSM. My SHSM requires that I have two grade 11 art credits (i.e.: visual art, music, drama, media arts), two grade 12 art credits, one grade 12 English credit (which I need to graduate anyway), one grade 11 or 12 business or Canadian and world studies credit (e.g.: ancient or american history, law, business, etc.) and two credits of Coop. I still need both my grade 12 arts, the history/law/business (it will almost certainly be history), and the Coop. 

I've picked seven classes and I'm really stuck on the last one. Here's what I have so far: 

* = Not optional
(*) = Possibly not optional

1. * English / Writer's Craft (apparently I can take Writer's Craft in place of normal English and it is probably exactly what it sounds like. I could either really like it or really hate it; I want more info before I decide for sure.)

2. * Coop

3. * Coop (I need 2 credits, remember?)

4. * Visual Art (x2 if possible. It would be a dream to have art both semesters.)

5. * World History to the end of the 15th Century / Law (like I said, probably history.)

6. Personal Wellness and Fitness (I took this course this year thinking it would be pretty easy on me. It's not. I spend most of my days being quite soar, especially if we do And just so you know, I'm one of two girls in this class. Most of the guys are great, but a couple... Ehn...)

7. (*) Film & Video Drama (I only put this down in case I can't take visual art twice. I have this course right now and I rally like it. Maybe I'll just leave there and take it anyway.)

8. ??????

So here are some courses I wouldn't totally hate taking (in no particular order, and mind you, there are a lot of options in my booklet and I've narrowed the field significantly):

Course Levels:

(U) = University
(M) = Mixed (college and university)
(C) = College
(E) = Workplace
(O) = Open

- Understanding Canadian Law (M)
- Foundations for College [math] (C)
- Math for Work and Life (E)

There's honestly nothing else I'd want to take or can take (I don't have the prerequisites for a lot of the other courses)

Everyone has a meeting with Guidance next week, evidently. Hopefully I'll have everything sorted by then. If not, it shouldn't be too tough to fix.

What would you pick if you were me? If you're still in school what courses are you taking or planning on taking next year? 

I'll talk about what I'm planning on doing after high school in another post. Until then, I hope you enjoyed. Kudos if you read the whole thing! Have a fantastic day!

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