Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fan Fiction and Gallifreyan

So, today (well, technically yesterday) I made it my goal to at least begin to learn how to write in Gallifreyan, which is the language of the Timelords if you didn't already know.

I did pretty well. I found (with very little effort) this page. I took notes of everything in a spare notebook which will now be dedicated to learning Gallifreyan, as well as other fictional languages (such as Elvish) and proceeded to figure out what Hamish Watson-Holmes would look like in Gallifreyan. 

Hamish Watson-Holmes is the fictional child of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. He is also the subject of a fan fiction I am currently writing. I'll keep you updated on it's progress, but it's going to be flipping long (the first chapter is almost 5000 words). I am not the first person to come up with Hamish, but I did try to keep my ideas as original as possible. 

Anyway, I went on Paint and threw this together:

Please keep in mind it's not exact. I had to leave the 'H' out of Holmes to make it work. If you know more about writing in Gallifreyan, please let me know in the comments. I'd like some more resources. 

May your day be full of celestial might, much like the Space Whale's song.

Disclaimer: I didn't make this beautiful Space Whale picture. Full credit to the artist.


The prologue and chapter one of my fanfic are on The link is in the tab called '' above. 

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