Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey, it's me... You know; Kenzie? The Admin? No? Okay...

Hey. Sorry I disappeared for so long. Sadly, I don't a legitimate excuse for my absence (okay, so my laptop broke last month, but other than that, I got nothing). Nonetheless, I'm going to make an effort (like, a real effort) to blog more regularly on both this and my beauty blog.  

Good news; I've filmed the welcome video for my vlog channel (link above) and I'm going to edit soon, but not tonight. 

As I'm grade 12 now, I'd also like to update you on my classes because they didn't end up being as I thought they would. 

I'll update this if I think of anything else. 


There's thunder outside. That is all.

Real Update:

Remember how I said that I recorded the Welcome video for my vlog channel? It has no picture. Like, at all. Seriously right now?!

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