Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I'm REALLY Taking in Grade 12

I don't know if you remember this post called Grade 12 Courses in which I illustrated for you the courses I hoped to take in grade 12. Well as you might expect, things didn't turn out quite as planned. 

So, first semester, I have Understanding Canadian Law, Foundations for College Math, Visual Art, and English in that order. Second semester, I have two credit coop, Visual Art again, and Writer's Craft. 

That means I didn't get Ancient History, Personal Wellness and Fitness or Film and Video Drama. But I did get Visual Art twice. It also turns out that I cannot take Writer's Craft instead of English. 

Now for a little about my classes I have currently:

Law is awesome. My teacher's great and she doesn't load us up with homework, but I did fail the first test she gave us...

Math is math. I'm not a big fan of math, but you know. It's useful.

Art's friggin' fantastic! I have the same teacher as last year and the curriculum is the same so I know what to expect. I'm working on a painting for our five-day project at the moment. I'll post the picture I'm working from at the end.

English... Oh my. I like my teacher, but he's handing out work as if he's everyone's only exam course this semester. On Monday he assigned a 3-4 page informal paper on Modernist Poetry to be handed in on Thursday (so far I have a title: Modernist Poetry). Then he handed out a novel (well, one of three novels. Those being The Great Gatsby, Murder in the Cathedral or Dubliners. I went with the murdery one. Everyone's doing Gatsby) to be read by the 30th. God only knows what kind of hell-spawned essay we'll have to write about that. Now we have to make a webpage on Wikispaces about stuff; I don't even know anymore. 

I'm usually not this swamped with English work until the middle of the semester. I'm also starting Driver's Ed on Monday and I haven't even started getting my G1 yet. Not to mention I need to get a job.

Honestly, though. Why is homework allowed? We're legally obliged to go school every day and learn alongside a bunch of people we usually don't like. Then we get to go to our after-school jobs then home to ignore our families in favour of doing more school work which is exactly the same as what we just spent all day doing. 

I think this picture I found on Tumblr proves my point:

Also, here's the picture I'm working from for my art project:

Full credit to the photographer.

Thanks for tuning in, bros. Have a pleasant day and I hope your schooling's going better than mine.

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