Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I'm REALLY Taking in Grade 12

I don't know if you remember this post called Grade 12 Courses in which I illustrated for you the courses I hoped to take in grade 12. Well as you might expect, things didn't turn out quite as planned. 

So, first semester, I have Understanding Canadian Law, Foundations for College Math, Visual Art, and English in that order. Second semester, I have two credit coop, Visual Art again, and Writer's Craft. 

That means I didn't get Ancient History, Personal Wellness and Fitness or Film and Video Drama. But I did get Visual Art twice. It also turns out that I cannot take Writer's Craft instead of English. 

Now for a little about my classes I have currently:

Law is awesome. My teacher's great and she doesn't load us up with homework, but I did fail the first test she gave us...

Math is math. I'm not a big fan of math, but you know. It's useful.

Art's friggin' fantastic! I have the same teacher as last year and the curriculum is the same so I know what to expect. I'm working on a painting for our five-day project at the moment. I'll post the picture I'm working from at the end.

English... Oh my. I like my teacher, but he's handing out work as if he's everyone's only exam course this semester. On Monday he assigned a 3-4 page informal paper on Modernist Poetry to be handed in on Thursday (so far I have a title: Modernist Poetry). Then he handed out a novel (well, one of three novels. Those being The Great Gatsby, Murder in the Cathedral or Dubliners. I went with the murdery one. Everyone's doing Gatsby) to be read by the 30th. God only knows what kind of hell-spawned essay we'll have to write about that. Now we have to make a webpage on Wikispaces about stuff; I don't even know anymore. 

I'm usually not this swamped with English work until the middle of the semester. I'm also starting Driver's Ed on Monday and I haven't even started getting my G1 yet. Not to mention I need to get a job.

Honestly, though. Why is homework allowed? We're legally obliged to go school every day and learn alongside a bunch of people we usually don't like. Then we get to go to our after-school jobs then home to ignore our families in favour of doing more school work which is exactly the same as what we just spent all day doing. 

I think this picture I found on Tumblr proves my point:

Also, here's the picture I'm working from for my art project:

Full credit to the photographer.

Thanks for tuning in, bros. Have a pleasant day and I hope your schooling's going better than mine.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey, it's me... You know; Kenzie? The Admin? No? Okay...

Hey. Sorry I disappeared for so long. Sadly, I don't a legitimate excuse for my absence (okay, so my laptop broke last month, but other than that, I got nothing). Nonetheless, I'm going to make an effort (like, a real effort) to blog more regularly on both this and my beauty blog.  

Good news; I've filmed the welcome video for my vlog channel (link above) and I'm going to edit soon, but not tonight. 

As I'm grade 12 now, I'd also like to update you on my classes because they didn't end up being as I thought they would. 

I'll update this if I think of anything else. 


There's thunder outside. That is all.

Real Update:

Remember how I said that I recorded the Welcome video for my vlog channel? It has no picture. Like, at all. Seriously right now?!